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Update – August 2010

Well, I guess I can comfortably shirk any guilt-feelings about not writing anything for a looooonnnngggg time as nobody has visited for a loooooonnnnnngggg time!  Unless the stats are completely useless on WordPress, which I very much doubt.  But just in case any of you drop by soon, I thought I’d quickly put in an update.

The last I wrote I was hinting I might do a piece on the brilliant Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai, but inspiration suddenly deserted me and it ain’t come back yet.  At least as far as the blog is concerned.  Otherwise, the work is pouring out of me as I concentrate on a new film script which also involves a considerable amount of research including visits to the National Portrait Gallery, HMS Belfast and (two days ago) a ride on a steam train across Exmoor.  I hope you find all that intriguing, rather than infuriating that I am not telling you any more.

Comic-wise, Pramada has just been in touch – hurray! – and even though he is about to move house has managed to plough ahead with more of the intense and brilliant art work for Omni’s first issue.

Being in London right now, I’ve taken advantage of the numerous comic shops and found Alex Maleev’s artwork on ‘Spiderwoman’ to be absolutely stunning.  Also, ‘God Save the Queen’ by Mike Carey and John Bolton was an unexpected surprise, a very Sandman-like foray into Faerieland and drug culture in London.  One of those really classic graphic novels that seem to escape other people’s notice for some reason (probably fashion).

And that’s all he wrote, as I’m completely knackered.  All this travelling, writing and research.  Phew.  But I will be back, honest.  As Pramada commented, this has probably been just a passive yin phase preparing for the busy yang ahead.   (Maybe you’ll all come back too!)


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