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Update – June 2010

Heck, well, there ain’t much of an update as guess what – Pramada’s gone AWOL again.  So with a rather valuable part of the team having disappeared once more, there ain’t that much to report.  However, if you haven’t checked out our site in the last few months, please do so as you’re really missing out.  With free wallpaper and a mini-comic now on the site, if that weren’t enough to tempt you, the Shop link to our products on Cafe Press is quite exciting.  With typical English parsimoniousness, I was taken aback somewhat at the prices for the water bottles, but got one anyway and was not only impressed by its sheer beauty, but was informed by a couple of world travellers that it was a high quality Sigg bottle and that the price was totally reasonable, maybe even less than usual.  So have a look at the Omni site if you haven’t recently.  You might see something you like.

As for me, I’m still flitting about between the Wales-England borderland and the beautiful South-West of England.  With all the community work I’ve been doing, plus various other adventures, I haven’t had enough time for writing anything but am trying to get back to that this week.

Thank you all for your visits – though you have been quiet this past week or two, I guess we’re all chilling out a lot in the summer weather, or at least those of us in the northern hemisphere are anyway.  A few blogs are beginning to sprout in my neo-cortex, and it’s a just a matter of waiting to see which one makes it to the light next time I visit this dashboard.  So far an examination of  a particular Hong Kong movie genius is the most likely candidate.  Drop by in a couple of weeks to see!  Even in this lazy weather I should have managed something by then.

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