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Update – May 2010

Howdy everyone.  This’ll be a quickie as I’m back in the saddle in Wales, attempting to save the world through a community centre.  The idea is to prepare the community for the effects of climate and economic chaos by creating a new kind of centre that serves to bring the community together as well as providing vital services.  If we pull this off, we could well have created a template for other community centres elsewhere – even worldwide.  So keep your fingers crossed for us.  A major influence on my way of thinking recently is the conclusion from an international think tank of scientists that climate change is only No.3 in the list of environmental catastrophes.  No.1 is loss of biodiversity, which is so extreme that we really do seem to be facing the Sixth Extinction.  Unless we do something about it.  Now.  No.2 is nitrogen pollution, mostly from excessive use of fertiliser around the world.  This is running into the seas thus creating dead zones through hypoxia, lack of oxygen.  Ironically and horribly, the Gulf of Mexico was already dealing with a massive dead zone before the recent oil spill from BP started heading that way.  Scientific American recently published a list of solutions to all these problems, for all these top 3 have long exceeded safety parameters. and the project I’m working on now is seeking to employ these solutions in its infrastructure.  Vital to this is a close working relationship with local food producers.  So I’ve gotta go and save the world.  Will be back by lunchtime.  (Actually, I will be back before long with another blog as I’m working on something regarding healthy societies that could well be of interest to y’all.  I may even remember to mention Omni.)

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