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Update – April 2010

Howdy everyone!  Greetings from the post-comic convention aftermath command central in northern California.  It’s only now that I finally get a chance to offer a catch up.  Pramada’s busily working away at our new shop link on the Omni site, and I’ve got a bit of time now for a few words.  But if you haven’t checked the recent updates on the site please do so as it’s grown in size exponentially just in the last weeks, with a lot more to explore at your heart’s content.

The Wondercon in San Francisco itself was the first convention I’d ever been to – I’m not that conventional generally –  and it was all more than a little overwhelming.   It struck me as a vast Hall of Desires:  the sellers, artists etc. desiring people to desire them and their wares, and the fans desiring to meet their idols or find particular comic books or merchandise for which they’ve been yearning.  This theme was accentuated by the likes of a scantily clad Psylocke or Wonder Woman frequently passing by.  So, yes, I wandered dazed and confused for much of the time.

It was only in the last half-hour that I found a book I’d been looking for (and my desire therefore somewhat placated) and then by chance ran into David Mack, the creator of Kabuki and various other masterpieces.  After checking he was still going to be there for ten minutes, I ran to get the rest of the team and we descended on poor Mr Mack like a small mob of bedazzled fools.  The strange thing is, I’d been up and down the Artists’ Alley several times, purposely looking for him in particular and never seeing him till that last half-hour; the same thing happened to Pramada with him the previous year.  I suspect, as a martial arts devotee, he’s been practicing kage, a technique where the fighter lets darkness and shadows hide him till he chooses to reveal himself.  Anyway, David was incredibly generous with his time and gave us some signed art books ‘Reflections’, and I’ll remember much of the conversation in times to come.  What I was particularly struck with was here was an immensely successful writer and artist who was still willing to stand for hours and days at a stall, unannounced and humble, totally willing to be available to his fans – even when, like by the time he met us, he was clearly exhausted.  We exchanged business cards and I’m hoping he will find time to check in on the Omni website.

So what did I learn from the experience?  Well, the main thing for me was that there is a huge amount of talented people looking for their break in the comics world.  I still feel – in a detached and objective way I hope – that we in Omni are offering something more unique and further-reaching than anyone else, but that doesn’t matter in terms of the business.  What does matter is how we’re going to get noticed in this sea of yearners.  The reality is none of the publishers have got back in touch with us properly, and we’re not going to waste time waiting for an acceptance letter to drop  in the mailbox.  I’m not going to reveal our marketing strategy in full, but a large part of it involves viral campaigning:  this blog, annoying emails to you, shouts on Facebook etc.  This will allow us to pursue our art without worrying unduly about public acceptance, yet still pushing in hope that eventually a tipping point will be reached.  In the meantime, we’re going to be putting our completed mini-stories on the site so that you, our devoted readers, will have something to placate your desires!

My time in California is almost up this time round, but i’m pretty sure I’ll be back before long, because it’s been absolutely great.

Here’s a picture of two of the beautiful people at Wondercon – no, not me!

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  1. P
    April 13, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    Yay!!! after a few years of talking about it we finally made it to a comicon together. hopefully the first of many to come, where WE will be greeting fans and scantily clad heroines (i’ll try and bribe my beloved to come dressed as one of our characters).

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