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Update – September 2009

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Just been watching Joss Whedon’s ‘Dollhouse’.  It could well be the most intelligent television around right now, asking very difficult questions about the society we have created, but I can’t quite forgive him for the cold brutality of the series.  It feels very unbalanced in a way, the characters lacking the heart and individuality of those in previous Whedon works; of course, that is partly the point, but a counterpoint is needed to provide a complete picture.  No matter how ice cold and subtlely fascistic a society becomes in life, there is always a counterpoint and our stories should reflect that.  Don’t let me put you off, the quality of the writing and acting, and the insights into our giant mall of a’ culture’, are all valuable and much-needed, just don’t expect the life-affirmativeness of ‘Buffy’, ‘Angel’ or ‘Firefly’.

Another impressively dark mirror to today’s society is ‘Gotham Central:  Dead Robin’, a graphic novel by Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker.  A much more realistic take on the Batman myth, when superheroes do appear – which they do now and again – they are seen from a very human perspective.  Consequently, when Batman turns up, his arrival is brief but powerful – awesome, in the original meaning of the word. It’s extremely effective storytelling, but so tough and unrelenting that after reading this and watching ‘Dollhouse’, I turned to Dickens’s ‘Pickwick Papers’ for light relief.  I’m feeling a bit better now.

Not a lot to report about our own comic.  We’re all very busy with other basic things, such as surviving, but Pramada is steadily developing a smoother, swifter style for the main comic whilst still taking the time to complete the fine art quality of our mini-comics.  We’re also both a bit bemused at how the collective continually anticipates the Omni storyline, the latest being the social movement called The Shift, which is what we named the jump between two global realities in the comic.  Let’s just hope reality doesn’t fully catch up before we manage to publish.

The next San Francisco Comic Con dates have just been announced as the beginning of April.  It is a month later than this year’s, but gives me more time to get the dosh together for a plane ticket so that hopefully I can join Team Omni for the Con. Yes, I know San Diego Con is THE big event on the West Coast for aspiring comic writers and artists, but we’re all so hopelessly cash-strapped right now, it’s not likely to happen yet.  Anyway, we’re still getting to know the Comic Con world and San Francisco seems as good a place as any to begin, particularly as that’s where most of the action in Omni happens.

So I guess that’s it for now.  I’ll try and do a monthly update interspersed with various articles.

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